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In association with the University of Reading Cybernetics Department, Robots Direct is profiling a current undergraduate as they progress through their Cybernetics course. 

Through this "robotic student feature" Robots Direct not only showcases the work of the student and the University but also acts as a launching ground for innovation in the emerging field of robots and robotics and their integration into our everyday life.

Interested robotics companies can therefore approach us and our student with the idea of using us as a test forum for their new products.



Name:                Daniel Ngwerume

Date of Birth:    28 May 1987

Course:              Meng Computer Science and Cybernetics

Dates:                  Year 1 - 2006/2007

                             Year 2-2007/2008


I live in Reading but am originally from Zimbabwe.  I wrote my GCSE's and A Levels in the UK.  My grades from my GCSE's were not really good but proved myself much better at A Level.  At the moment, I am a first year student studying Meng Computer Science and Cybernetics at the University of Reading. 

Personally I enjoy going out and having fun and I also do model aircraft building and flying which I find very interesting and fun!

Background on Course:

I chose this course because from a young age I was interested in building and putting things together and finding out how things work.  This then moved on to model aircraft building and flying.  Cybernetics seemed very interesting to me and is related with building and understanding the workings of complex and simple machines and systems.  I was also interested in computers and software so this is where the computer science came into play and I saw this as the best course that suited me.

The main reason I chose to do Cybernetics was to find out about cybernetics and to try to incorporate it into everyday life for people.  Cybernetics and robotics I think are very interesting and I have a few ideas how it can be made more commercial and something that people would want to have and maybe essentially not to be able to live without!  By understanding cybernetics and robotics inside and out, I would be able to make it more interesting and fun for a lot more people than it attracts now - in a way I guess to make it more "cool".  At the moment it is masked under being complicated and not really applicable for everyday use.


My ultimate goal would be to start a unique robotics company or to work for a company like Robots Direct and build this on a large scale and supply robots that would be used on a daily basis.  This might not follow the typical android looking criteria but they will essentially be robots to carry out certain tasks and maybe even entertainment.  The main thing is to try and break away from the stereotype that robots are not useful or they are too comlicated.  I am hoping to make people more aware of what the robots can do and make them integrate into society.

 Click here to read about Daniel`s first Year:Year 1 - 2006/2007

Click Here to read about Daniel`s Second Year:   Year 2-2007/2008









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