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Product ID: Roborep


ROBOREPTILE™ A Fusion of Technology and Personality
Roboreptile, the ultimate cold-blooded predator, comes to life through a combination of dynamic robotic animations and advanced interactive technologies. With his low menacing stride and striking animations, Roboreptile is an impressive mix of powerful agility, multi-sensory awareness and a fiery personality. This 2 1⁄4 foot long reptilian includes the following features:

-Realistic biomorphic movements
-Four-legged walking and high speed running; bipedal “attack” mode; jumping action
-Flexible neck; whipping tail
-Multi-sensory environmental awareness
-Infra-red vision sensors for obstacle
avoidance and detection of movements -Sonic sensors for detection of sharp, loud sounds
-Touch sensor for responding to human interaction

-Five modes
-Autonomous (default): Hungry and aggressive; explores and interacts with his environment searching for prey; attacking, roaring, biting behaviors
-Direct control: Multi-layered 28 function remote including demo function and volume control
-Program: Enter a sequence of up to 20 commands
-Guard: Activates vision and sonic sensor
-Three moods
-Hungry: his “natural” (default) mood; activate the “feed” button on the remote and he will track down the signal -Satisfied: he calms down after eating -Hooded: he becomes subdued; depending upon human interaction, will either wake up hungry or fall asleep
-Auto shut-off function
Dimensions - length 860mm, width 635mm, height 295mm




  Price: £32.99
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